Kwame Brown Exposes Stephen Jackson For Threatening To Send People To Him After They Met Up (VIDEO + PICS)

Just when you thought Stephen Jackson and Kwame Brown would clear the air, it got bad again.

On Sunday, Jackson posted on Instagram announced that he and Kwame Brown apparently met up to talk out their differences that have played out in real time on social media.

“I disrespected him. He disrespected me. We agreed on that and moved on. It’s dead. Sorry nobody got killed or hurt. Know that’s what y’all wanted. It’s A new day.”

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Apparently, Jackson was supposed to do a video apologizing for his actions as he promised, but Brown woke up this morning, he only saw the above post and nothing else. Now we are back at square one as Brown decided he would expose him and the stuff he was saying in test messages.

Check it out:

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More with a video: