Paige Spiranac Drops The Hammer On People Asking Her To Make An OnlyFans (TWEET)

With over 3 million followers on social media and counting, Paige Spiranac is used to seeing many comments and messages from fans wanting her to start an OnlyFans and take her clothes off.

Back in April, she jokingly posted a picture on her Instagram Story telling her followers that she had joined the content subscription service, only for the Swipe Up link to direct viewers over to her Shopify page. The social media sensation then posted a second image to her Story of her dog with the caption: “April Fools… but really, go buy my towel!”

Fast forward to this week and Spiranac brought up OnlyFans on Twitter and used Brooks Koepka’s disgusted reaction to make a joke about it.

If you’re wondering, Brooks was irritated with Bryson DeChambeau simply walking behind him and talking while he was doing an interview. The both of them do not like each other.

After her last joke on Instagram, Spiranac then revealed how her Story post had been reported by a number of people and that Instagram had taken it down.

“Just minding my business on this lovely April Fools’ Day,” said a furious Spiranac.

“I put up a Story, joking that I’m going to have Only Fans with a Swipe Up, and it got removed. You f’ers got it removed. You reported me, and what actually p* me off is because Instagram, why did you remove it?

“I wasn’t even promoting Only Fans. That picture had no nudity, there was no nudity involved. You have other girls that actually post nudity on here, and they don’t get removed. What’s that about?

“So swipe up and go and buy my towel.”