Pissed Off Brooks Koepka Drops F-Bomb After Bryson DeChambeau Walks By During Leaked Interview (VIDEO)

Brooks Koepka cannot stand Bryson DeChambeau, and I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

Just in case you forgot about their rivalry, it got a fresh new batch of dislike when footage surfaced from the PGA Championship showing Koepka trying to explain how tough it was to putt in the conditions on Friday.

In the midst of his explanation, DeChambeau walks directly behind Koepka, which causes him to close his eyes and let out a deep and irritated sigh.

“I lost my train of thought hearing that bulls-it” before the interview comes to an end.

We knew these two had plenty of history, but we did not realize it was still this bad since it seemingly died down over the last year or so.