Simone Biles’ Boyfriend Is Young NFL Star Jonathan Owens

simone biles boyfriend jonathan owens

As you’ve watched Simone Biles dominate during one of her many impressive gymnastics performances, some of you may have wondered, “does this high-flying American have a boyfriend?”

Biles has created a pristine career on the gym floor, but there’s more to the 4 ft 8 Olympic champion than meets the eye. Biles has quite the love life, and the newest man in her life is Houston Texans player Jonathan Owens.

What do we know about Simone Biles boyfriend, Jonathan Owens? You’re about to find out.

Blast From the Past

Before we can get into Biles current relationship, it’s only right we get into her past first. Biles met her ex-boyfriend Stacey Irvin in 2017.

He was hired as one of the new coaches at the gym where she worked out, and it seemed like a floor routine made in heaven for them, but that wasn’t the case. After three years of dating, Biles and Irvin called time on their relationship in March of 2020.

simone biles olympic champion
Simone Biles recently became the first woman to land a yurchenko double pike (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)

While we don’t know the exact reason why the pair split, it’s apparent that there might have been some issues. Biles intends to keep them quiet, however. Breaking gymnastics lovers’ hearts, it was long before a new man would catch Biles eye and her heart.

We aren’t positive when Biles and Owens started dating, but we do know Biles has had him in her sights since 2019. And she made things “Instagram Official” with a post on August 2, 2020. In the post, the couple is taking a selfie together with the caption, “It’s just us.”

Not much is known about the relationship past of Owens, but who cares when you’re dating a phenom like Biles. Here’s the scoop on her new man.

Go Texans

First things first, everyone knows that Simone is from Houston. She talks about it frequently and posts pictures with her family in the area. Owens was a member of the Arizona Cardinals before being traded to the Texans team in 2019.

jonathan owens houston texans
Simone Biles’ boyfriend has spent most of the last two seasons on the Texans’ practice squad (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

He wears number 36 and is one of the safety’s listed on the team’s roster. While he was a Cardinal, it only listed him as a practice player, but it appears he’s seeing action this season.

Another great part of Owens playing for the Texans is that Biles home is in Spring, TX. That gives the couple plenty of time to see each other between their vigorous workout schedules.

Bulldog Lovers

Everyone knows that Biles has a French bulldog, and things got better when she started dating Owens. The world found out that not only is he smooth on the football field he also shares Biles love for French bulldogs.

 From the videos and pictures she posts, it’s apparent that Owens dog, Zeus, and Biles dog, Lilo are a perfect combination, like their owners.

It’s Cancer Season

Owens was born July 21, 1995, in Missouri making his sign a Cancer. Biles was born March 14, 1997, making her sign that of the Pisces.

According to what’s written in the stars, these two signs together are quite compatible sharing tons of affections and care for one another. It seems to us like both Biles and Owens have found the person they need to keep them grounded. 

For everyone interested in zodiac signs and all things astrology, this couple sounds like it was destined to be from the very beginning.

Football Runs in His Blood

We mentioned earlier that Owens plays for the Texans, but his passion for football began long before now. Not only did the Houston Texan play football in college, but he also played when he was in high school.

His career began back in high school, and if you’ve been following his posts on Instagram, he gives credit to his oldest sister Chanel for forcing him to start playing football. Once he started playing, nothing could keep him from suiting up and taking the field at his high school, Christian Brothers College High School.

simone biles boyfriend jonathan owens
Biles and Owens’ relationship has been seamless, and the two always look like they’re having a great time.

It sounds to us like his sister Chanel saw talent in him that he didn’t even know he had yet. After graduating from high school, Owens continued his football career at Missouri Western State University.

Before making his NFL debut in 2018, Owens stayed in the St Louis area with his largest supporter, his mom.

What’s Next?

Could there be wedding bells in the future for these professional athletes? We don’t want to call it too early, but if it happens, we told you so. 

simone biles boyfriend jonathan owens
Simone Biles and her boyfriend have a great sense of humor and their personalities match perfectly.

Moving forward, we can all hope to see more loving social media posts of the couple together and more achievements in their perspective sports. Speaking of sports, we hope that Biles is ready for the Olympics in Tokyo beginning in July.

We’re sure that while we’re cheering her on, Owens will be there cheering her on as well. Stayed tuned for more to come on this couple in the future.

Jonathan Owens, Simone Biles Boyfriend

It can’t be easy walking around and people knowing you now as Jonathan Owens, Simone Biles boyfriend. But it can’t be too bad either. There are tons that you might not have known about Biles new boyfriend, but you do now.

We all enjoy watching this gymnast rack up points for team USA. And we’re even happier that she’s enjoying life outside of the gym as well. Want to know more about celebrity pro athletes?

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