Kirk Herbstreit is Concerned That He Still Can’t Taste or Smell Anything After Five Months (TWEET)

Kirk Herbstreit tested positive for COVID-19 last December and things haven’t gotten better for him in that time since.

On Tuesday, the ESPN college football analyst revealed he is still feeling the effects of the deadly virus.

“Been 5 months since I tested positive for Covid,” Herbstreit tweeted. “Still can’t taste or smell. Anyone else experience this?? Did it ever come back?? Haven’t tasted a meal since late December. After 5 months…is this my new normal or will taste and smell come back.”

Herbstreit managed to work remotely during the College Football Playoff semifinal between Clemson and Ohio State after he tested positive.

Many people reached out to him in the replies to tell him about their experiences:

“I had COVID in March 2020,” one person replied. “I got my smell and taste back slowly after a couple months but it came back wrong and random things taste and smell rancid. It’s taken over a year but I’m starting to see improvement and my senses are starting to get back to normal so hang in there!”