Brooks Koepka Hilariously Offered Free Beer To Fans Ejected From Tournament Over Calling Bryson DeChambeau “Brooksy” (VIDEO)

Brooks Koepka is loving every minute of this while his rival is trying to get it to stop.

An old rivalry that got some new life at the PGA Championship received an infusion of jet fuel on Friday during the second round of the Memorial Tournament when it was reported that Bryson DeChambeau was apparently having fans who were calling him “Brooksy” ejected.

Koepka saw what was happening, so he took to social media and posted a video to Twitter offering free Michelob Ultra to anybody whose “time was cut short” on account of DeChambeau.

“What’s up guys, it’s Brooksie,” he said in part of the video. “Just wanted to say, ‘Hey, thank you guys for the support.’ I heard a bunch of you were shouting my name at the golf tournament today. I know I’m not playing, but thank you for showing support.”

The rivalry between Koepka and DeChambeau dates back to 2019, but recently reignited after a video of Koepka’s visible displeasure with DeChambeau leaked to social media last week.

“Oh, they weren’t taunts at all, it was flattering. I think it’s absolutely flattering what they’re doing,” DeChambeau said, after his second-round 72. He’s seven behind the co-leaders. “They can keep calling me that all day if they want to, I’ve got no issue with it. When you look at it, there’s obviously a distraction — to most people they think it’s a distraction — but I grew up learning how to deal with that stuff and I honestly thought it was flattering. The officers take care of that. I don’t really care.”

“I’ve got nothing against him, I’ve got no issues at all,” he said. “If he wants to play that game, that’s great. I’m going to keep trying to play my best game and when it comes down to it, when somebody’s that bothered by someone else it is flattering.

“He’s had stuff with other people too,” DeChambeau continued. “Like Rory and numerous others. So this isn’t a one-off thing. So, you know, it’s just the way he deals with stuff and I’m totally fine with it.”