Bryson DeChambeau Reacted To Fans Taunting Him With ‘Brooksy’ & Getting Them Kicked Out of Tournament

(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

The rivalry between Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau is reaching new levels almost weekly now. The plot thickened on Friday at the Memorial Tournament—an event Koepka wasn’t even participating in.

Last week, in response to DeChambeau tweeting at Koepka that he lived “rent free” in Koepka’s head, Koepka shared a video in which a fan taunts DeChambeau by calling him “Brooksy.”

That was all the fuel needed for fans to attend the next event and chant the same things at him, but DeChambeau seemingly had a plan. Several fans were reportedly told to leave by security after yelling “Brooksy” at DeChambeau, according to’s James Colgan.

DeChambeau told reporters that he didn’t mind the heckles.

“I don’t mind. There’s obviously people going to say stuff at inappropriate times, but that’s different than what they’re saying,” DeChambeau said. “I don’t care.”

“Oh, they weren’t taunts at all; it was flattering,” he said after playing 33 holes on Friday because of weather delays to the opening round. “I think it’s absolutely flattering what they’re doing. They can keep calling me that all day if they want to, I’ve got no issue with it. When you look at it, there’s obviously a distraction … to most people they think it’s a distraction, but I grew up learning how to deal with that stuff, and I honestly thought it was flattering.”

DeChambeau said he did point out a problem with one person on Thursday, but that was for shouting in the midst of his swing. “That was more of the person saying it in my backswing than anything that bothered me,” he said. “It wasn’t the fact that he said Brooksie or whatever. It was just, he said something at an inappropriate time. If he said peanut butter and jelly at the wrong time I would have probably said the same thing.”