Here’s The Full Breakdown Of The Titans-Falcons Trade For Julio Jones

Earlier it was reported that the Tennessee Titans were closing in on a deal for Falcons star wideout Julio Jones. It was also reported that the deal would likely include a second round pick from the Titans.

Well, the deal is done and here are the details: The Titans will get Jones and a 6th round pick, in exchange for a second- and fourth-rounder. Here’s the full breakdown from Ian Rapoport:

On the surface, it appears as though the Titans are getting away with grand larceny, but it’s actually a solid return for the Falcons as well. With Julio claiming that he’s done in Atlanta, the Falcons knew they had to deal him now and get something for him while they still could.

A second-rounder and a fourth for a 32-year-old wideout is a great haul for a rebuilding team.