Canelo Alvarez Perfectly Summed Up Mayweather-Paul Fight With Emoji, Jake Paul Then Disrespects Him (TWEETS)

Canelo Alvarez is just like every other person who couldn’t believe Floyd Mayweather was actually fighting Logan Paul in an exhibition fight in Miami.

Alvarez, who has gone 56-1-2 in his career, took to Twitter on Sunday night to react to his former opponent fighting Logan Paul by usng one emoji that pretty much summed up the night.

Soon after that, Jake Paul jumped on Twiter and disrespected him. “You can’t sell PPV’s. I would eat you alive.”

He also weirdly thinks Conor McGregor is ducking him.

Canelo has previously warned the Paul brothers that they could end up being killed if they continue their boxing careers.

“They give them boxer’s licenses when they’re not a boxer,” said the world super-middleweight champion.

“They could get them killed. This is not a soccer game, they could get them killed.

“Why do they give licences to people who have never in their life even thrown a punch?

“If there’s a death, the commission will be responsible. Why? Because they issued the license for the fight.”