Crazed Fan Runs Across CBS Sports Set After USA vs. Mexico Game, Leaps Over Guardrail (VIDEO)

We may have some crazed fans that doing insane things during an NBA, NFL, or MLB game every now and then, but they can’t hold a candle to what soccer fans can and have done.

The CONCACAF Nations League final in Denver between the United States and Mexico was marred by unruly fan behavior that included objects being thrown on the field and a brief pause in the game because of fans using an anti-gay chant.

That wasn’t all that happened. Christian Pulisic netted the would-be game winner off a penalty and ran to the corner to celebrate with the rest of his teammates, and had the fans going absolutely crazy with excitement. That excitement got one fan to running on the CBS Sports broadcast set and then jump over a guardrail as security tried to catch him.

Check it out:

United States took a late 3-2 lead in the 114th-minute on a penalty shot from star Christian Pulisic, which turned out to be the match-winning goal.