Soccer Announcer Apologizes For Threatening To Choke Female Co-Host Live On-Air (VIDEO)

Oguchi Onyewu wishes he could have this moment back.

The former USMNT player delivered a formal apology Mexico women’s national team defender Janelly Farias on Sunday after threatening to choke her during CBS Sports’ broadcast of the USMNT vs. Mexico game.

Onyewu and Farias engaged in a back-and-forth early in the broadcast which resulted in Onyewu saying, “I will come across this desk and choke you.”

As you can see above, he was clearly joking, but it was an extremely poor phrase to use.

Onyewu would soon apologize on air to her.

“Earlier in the show, you know, throughout our banter back-and-forth, I got carried away, for sure. And I said a stupid thing that should have never come out of my mouth. And I am deeply sorry for it and I apologize to you and I hope that you can forgive, don’t take any offense to it. So, I just really wanted to sincerely apologize for what I said.”

Farias accepted Onyewu’s apology with a fist-bump and said, “I think the fact that you can say that on national television speaks volumes of you.”