Logan Paul Girlfriend History: A Steamy List Of His Exes

Logan Paul girlfriend

Can you name every Logan Paul girlfriend?

The world of Youtube stars can be confusing and ever-changing. They seemingly become popular overnight, and then one controversy whisks them away from fame forever. Logan Paul has become a household name while other Youtube stars grow and fade, despite his controversies, cancellations, and complicated personal life. 

Logan Paul’s fame is owed to his comedic content, his stunt boxing matches, and, of course, his startling good looks. His fans all over the world find themselves wondering who is Logan Paul’s girlfriend.

And they’re right to wonder. Like many celebrities, his dating history is somewhat elusive and complex. He lives his life in the public eye, so it’s easy to get bogged down in all the different sightings of Logan Paul with different women.

We’re here to set the record straight of his serious commitments, flings, and rumored sweethearts with this Logan Paul girlfriend list.

Who Is Logan Paul?

Logan Paul found his first following through the popular short-video app, Vine. After Vine was permanently disabled and discontinued, Logan Paul continued rising to fame via his Youtube Channel, which is filled with Vlogs, skits, and stunts of his own creation. 

Logan Paul vs Floyd Maywather
Logan Paul fought Floyd Mayweather Jr. in an exhibition boxing match on June 6, 2021. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

His most popular videos are his diss tracks and comedic music videos, as well as his apology videos and a suicide prevention video (more on that later). Most of his fans are under the age of 20 (most between the ages of 8-14), but he wishes that he was more popular in an older demographic since not all of his content is kid-friendly.

In 2018, fellow Youtuber KSI challenged Paul to a boxing match. Though KSI vs Logan Paul ended in a draw, this would spark Paul’s amateur boxing career, which catapulted his fame into the boxing fan demographic. His boxing events are what took him from kid star to household name.

The most recent Logan Paul fight is against former five-division champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. on June 6, 2021. Paul uses the nickname “The Maverick” while boxing and will compete in an 8-round exhibition.


Logan Paul has been no stranger to controversies. The most famous of the backlash against Logan Paul was a trip that he took to Aokigahara, also known as Japan’s “Suicide Forest”.

He made and uploaded a vlog in the suicide forest, which depicted a recently hung man who had committed suicide. Celebrities, politicians, and everyday fans gave Paul serious backlash for posting the video and even requested that Youtube remove it and delete Paul’s channel. 

Logan Paul, himself, removed the video and released a written apology, while Youtube removed him from their top-tier monetization system.

logan paul girlfriend list
Youtube star Logan Paul has been involved in his fair share of controversies. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

They also prevented his videos from being advertised on the popular home page of Youtube. Logan Paul took a three-week hiatus from posting videos before returning to his usual content, but the controversy didn’t stop there.

Planeless Pictures sued him after the suicide forest incident because they believe he intentionally created a controversy to get out of a movie deal with them for Airplane Mode. Paul was supposed to write, star in, and produce the film.

After making a joke about “man-only March” (a play on no-shave November), Paul was called out for insinuating that homosexuality is a choice.

It’s also been speculated that he fakes being colorblind after he had an over-the-top reaction to colorblind correction glasses.

Here’s Every Logan Paul Girlfriend We Know Of

Despite the controversies and young fanbase, Logan Paul has had no trouble finding girlfriends. His fame, good looks, and fun-loving attitude have continued to be a pull for women.

Charly Jordan

charly jordan
Logan Paul’s most recent girlfriend is social media star Charly Jordan.

The most recent news on Logan Paul’s love life is a rumored relationship with internet star and musician, Charly Jordan. The two have been spotted together in March 2021, but there is no confirmation of a relationship at this point.

Charly Jordan is best known for her Tiktoks and aspires to have a successful music career.

Josie Canseco

Logan Paul’s most recent confirmed relationship was with Josie Canseco. Canseco is the daughter of New York Yankees and Oakland A’s baseball player, Jose Canseco. She was a model for Playboy magazine, Victoria’s Secret, and Sherri Hill. As a teen, she appeared in MTV’s Hollywood Exes.

josie canseco logan paul girlfriend
Josie Canseco has SI swimsuit model, a Playboy Playmate, and a Victoria Secret model.

Their relationship lasted from April 2020 to November 2020, with a possible reconciliation in December 2020. It is unclear what caused the breakup, but Logan Paul and her father had a brief confrontation via Twitter in November 2020.

She is now known to be dating Bryce Hall.

Corinna Kopf

Paul casually dated internet personality and Youtube star Corinna Kopf in 2019. Kopf is known for her beauty tutorials, vlogs, and Instagram modeling photos.

corrina kopf
Corrina Kopf is best known for her Youtube videos.

They were first seen together at a Laker’s Game and were thought at first to be a serious couple, but it turned out they were simply friends with benefits.

Their breakup was messy when Kopf was offended by comments Paul made about her promiscuity on his podcast, imPaulsive.

Chloe Bennet

One of Logan Paul’s most famous girlfriends in her own right, Chloe Bennet is most known for her acting role on the popular TV show, Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. She has had success as an actress in several movies and TV shows and is outspoken about the treatment of minority actors in Hollywood.

chloe bennett
Actress Chloe Bennet only dated Paul for three months.

She and Paul met on set for the remake of the 1983 movie Valley Girl. The film was postponed due to the suicide forest controversy, but Bennet and Paul still ended up in a relationship, resulting in them being seen kissing in Hawaii in 2018.

The relationship lasted three months, and Chloe Bennet is currently single.

Amanda Cerny

logan paul girlfriend amanda cerny
Paul and Cerny weren’t shy about promoting their relationship on social media.

Another Playboy model that Logan Paul has dated, Amanda Cerny is known for her fame on many social media sites and her appearance in the films The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020), Rim of the World (2019), and The Deleted (2016). She has also appeared in Cardi B’s music video for “I Like It.” 

Logan Paul and Amanda Cerny began their relationship in 2016 and documented it heavily on social media until it came to an end in 2017.

Alissa Violet

In 2017, Logan Paul dated his brother’s (Jake Paul) ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet, after she accused Jake of mental and emotional abuse.

Alissa Violet
Alissa Violet dated both Paul brothers.

Logan Paul even made a diss track to Jake Paul after Jake made fun of his followers. In the second verse, Alissa Violet makes an appearance and Logan claims to sleep with her.

That claim turned out to be true, which spurred Jake to say that Alissa cheated on him with his own brother.

Alex Cooper

Logan Paul doesn’t just have confirmed girlfriends. He has confirmed flings, too!

Alex Cooper, host of popular Barstool Sports podcast Call Her Daddy hooked up with Logan Paul. The information was widely spread on the internet. Logan Paul blames Cooper’s gregariousness for the secret getting out. 

Alex Cooper
Alex Cooper could be considered more of a “fling” than a “girlfriend” of Logan Paul’s.

Alex Cooper makes the opposite claim – that Logan Paul was going around telling everyone in person and that the information would get leaked eventually anyway.

We may never know how it got out, but both sides have confirmed the hookup.

Jessica Serfaty

Logan Paul’s longest relationship was with Jessica Serfaty – actress and former contestant on America’s Next Top Model.

Jessica Serfaty Logan Paul Girlfriend
Actress Jessica Serfaty was actually able to tolerate Logan Paul for a few years.

Her films include The Ride (2018), Ryde (2017), and FML (2016). Before dating Logan Paul she was married to property manager Idia Serfaty who she has a son with. 

Their relationship lasted from 2014 to 2016, but no one has the final word on how or why it ended. Serfaty has since had numerous relationships with other celebrities, such as Joe Jonas, Ed Westwick, and possibly Justin Bieber. 

Teala Dunn

Teala Dunn
Was Paul’s relationship with Teala Dunn legit? No one knows for sure

Though this relationship was possibly a publicity stunt, Paul did film multiple videos in which he flirted with and kissed Youtube personality Teala Dunn. 

Teala Dunn has also had a role on the sitcom Are We There Yet?

Ayla Woodruff

Ayla Woodruff
Ayla Woodruff was Logan Paul’s personal assistant…and possibly more?

Another speculative relationship. Some people have thought that Logan Paul was in a relationship with Ayla Woodruff while she was his personal assistant. 

Ayla caught Logan’s eye by being an Instagram modeling star before she became his personal assistant, but she reportedly was in a relationship with model Mackenzie Dae at the time. 

The End of the Logan Paul Girlfriend mystery

That’s all the romantic links up to date for Logan Paul – all the Logan Paul girlfriends. He’s had relationships in a variety of seriousness, from two-year-long relationships to hookups and publicity stunt kisses. As his fame from his boxing matches continues to rise, there’s no guessing who his next girlfriend will be, but his history shows that it’ll likely be another beautiful model or internet personality like himself.

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