Logan Paul Responds To Video Allegedly Showing Him Being Knocked Out By Mayweather: ‘Shut The F–k Up’ (VIDEO)

Logan Paul says he’s ‘not too bad’ after surviving eight rounds with undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather in their exhibition fight on Sunday in Miami.

The YouTuber-turned boxer seemingly managed to avoid being knocked out by Mayweather. However, footage has since surfaced showing that Floyd may have actually caught him good enough to knock him out, but purposely held him up to keep the fight going. Mayweather could be seen holding on to Paul’s body for a matter of seconds until the bell sounded for the end of the round.

Paul eventually got wind of the conspiracy theory floating around social media so he took his phone out and responded to it.

“I’m seeing this narrative going around where in one part of the fight where Floyd punched me and I kind of lean down a little bit and it looks like I kind of went limp. People are trying to spin it and say that he knocked me out and caught me and kept me up to keep the fight going.”

“Shut the fuck up. Just shut the fuck up. Stop trying to discredit what happened last night. Make no mistake, he got a lot of good punches in.”

Mayweather walked Paul down in the latter rounds and landed 43 total punches to Paul’s 28 – with 36 of those being power shots. Paul landed 21 power shots.