Rapper ‘BlueFace’ Was Heated After Spending $12,000 To Watch Mayweather-Paul Fight (VIDEO)

There were a ton of people upset on Sunday night that felt they got scammed with paying $50 to see Floyd Mayweather take on YouTuber Logan Paul.

Many were expecting the undefeated fighter to knock the YouTuber out, but that moment never happened. On top of that, the fight lacked considerable action to excite the crowd in attendance and at home. Even those that were live in attendance, including rapper Blueface, are regretful over dropping so much cash to watch the fight.

The popular West Coast rapper revealed he paid over $12,000 to watch the match live.

“I’m mad as a motherf*cker,” said Blueface after the night ended. “I spent like $12,000 for this… Never again.”

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