NBA Fans Create Hilarious Thread of Every Time LeBron James Has Just Out-Right Lied About Something (VIDEO + TWEETS)

(Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)

LeBron James seems like a person who loves to stretch the truth…a lot.

This became a topic this week after Kevin Durant went off on Jay Williams for telling a story of what he had to say about Giannis a few years ago.

“We had Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant,” Williams said. “I said ‘You know what? If Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant had a baby, the similarities, physicality wise, would be like Giannis.’ I go to the holiday part, Kevin Durant comes up to me and says ‘Yo, don’t you ever compare me to Giannis.’”

Durant responded with, “this is a f–kin lie, Jay Williams can NEVER speak for me, ever…”

“I stand by my story,” Williams said during his radio show on Wednesday. “I was probably wrong for sharing a personal story, but that’s what we do we share personal stories. But yesterday I sat there, I’m not going back and forth on social media.”

That brought up the discussion of Durant and LeBron lying, which led to a hilarious thread of people calling out the Lakers superstar.