Bruce Arians Sends Stern Message To Players: ‘You Want To Go Back To Normal, Get Vaccinated’ (VIDEO)

Bruce Arians opened up about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ COVID-19 vaccination efforts on Thursday.

The Tampa Bay Bucs head coach joked on Thursday that he serves as the team’s advisor on COVID-19 vaccinations, after news broke on Wednesday that the Washington Football Team had brought in an expert to inform players on the benefits of getting the shot.

Arians also sent a stern message to the players and coaches on the team.

“Well, if you want to go back to normal, get vaccinated,” Arians said on Thursday. “85 percent is what we’re shooting for.”

“There’s gonna be a long line over there right now,” Arians said, without directly acknowledging the Buccaneers’ current vaccination rate. “We were pretty short up until now. Hopefully, we have a pretty good line.”

Once NFL teams reach the 85 percent threshold, they’ll be able to operate under more normal circumstances with less restrictions during training camp and headed into the season.

“Everybody is tired of meeting out here and eating outside and doing all of those things that we had to do last year,” Arians said. “So, it’s still a personal choice but I don’t see a reason not to be vaccinated.”