Jemele Hill Calls Out ESPN For Covering Logan Paul More Than Simone Biles (TWEET)

Former ESPN anchor Jemele Hill is among a ton of people calling out the Worldwide Leader in Sports for its social media activity.

SportsCenter Instagram account, which boasts more than 23 million followers, is being shown in a graphic for having covered Logan Paul’s recent fight against Floyd Mayweather, but not an even more notable moment in sports.

According to the post, the SportsCenter IG account had 17 posts on the Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather fight, while having zero on Biles’ seventh U.S. gymnastics championship.

Hill, who left ESPN in 2018, called out the company.

“Not a good look. On top of being the best gymnast ever, Simone Biles has over a million Twitter followers and 4 million IG followers, so can’t come the excuse that nobody is interested,” Hill tweeted.

“Simone posted a training video of her doing something no other woman has done and it got 3M hits. If you want to argue Logan Paul deserved more coverage, so be it. But the most decorated gymnast of all time deserves … none? Not one post?”