Kendrick Perkins Confronted Rapper Quavo on ‘First Take’ Over Dissing Him On Song (VIDEO)

The back-and-forth between Quavo and Kendrick Perkins went to another level this week when the Migo made an appearance on Thursday’s episode of ESPN’s First Take.

It all began with the Migos’ forthcoming Culture III project where Quavo name dropped Perkins in a disrespectful way.

“Every time your bitch phone rings she workin’ [brr-brr]/Get no playin’ time, Kendrick Perkins [Ayy],” Quavo raps on “Fuck 12” featuring Offset.

“I see @QuavoStuntin still dropping them trash a$$ bars!!! Carry on…” Perk wrote in the tweet. Quavo quickly responded with a clap back of his own on Monday, sharing a candid screenshot of the former NBA champion anchored by a blatant plug for C3.

Atlanta rapper Jose Guapo inserted himself within the conflict as well.

“hey we respect you for who you are as a man mr. @KendrickPerkins but stop speakin on my brother @QuavoStuntin whether he like it or not I DON’T so out of respect don’t tweet nothin wit his Twitter name in it,” Guapo wrote in part.

Perk wasn’t having it.

“With all due respect homeboy you can miss me with all that. That man mentioned my name first in one his songs…so as a MAN I have to the right to say something back. Real Talk!” Twitter fingers Kendrick wrote.

“I’m with you bro but tell him to keep my name out his mouth and we all good bro,” Perk concluded.

“will do. let’s set up a public ig live interview where y’all any differences y’all had or still got FOR THE CULTURE.” Jose proposed in his final reply.