Red Sox Fan Disses Astros’ Alex Bregman To His Face Over Sign Stealing: ‘You Bum’ (VIDEO)

For a ton of teams in Major League Baseball, there are fan bases who have every right to talk about the Houston Astros and their massive cheating scandal. When your team has been involved in cheating and even hired a manager that was pointed out as one of the masterminds of the Astros cheating scandal, you should probably sit this one out.

For some unknown reason, Boston Red Sox fans feel the need to heckle the Astros while they are in town, forgetting that Alex Cora is their manager and Marwin Gonzalez, who benefited the most from trash can banging, is also on the roster.

Before a game against the Astros this week, Alex Bregman was called over for photos with some children, which he gladly opted to. One of those fans was a Red Sox fan who decided to disrespect him to his face.

See below.

In six games played this year, the Astros have a 5-1 record against the Red Sox.