Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend: Get To Know Erica Herman

Tiger Woods Girlfriend Erica Herman

For several decades, Tiger Woods has been one of the most recognizable names in golf. After a high profile divorce,¬†relationships with other celebrities, and a stint in rehab for sex addiction, the golfer has finally settled down. That’s right. Tiger Woods has himself a new girlfriend.

Who’s the mystery lady? Tiger Woods’ new girlfriend is Erica Herman. Keep reading to discover more about her fascinating relationship with Tiger.

Who Is Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend?

Erica Herman is a former restaurant manager from Jupiter, Florida who is mostly famous for dating Tiger Woods. Erica has lived most of her life outside of the public eye. She only became famous in 2017, when her relationship with Tiger was first announced.

¬†Since then, Erica has continued to be by Tiger’s side, supporting him at all sorts of events. They have dated for over three years, making this Tiger’s longest relationship since he and Elin Nordegren divorced.

Erica Herman Ryder Cup
Prior to dating Erica Herman, Tiger Woods’ previous girlfriend was champion skier Lindsey Vonn. (Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

Due to the fact that she was an average, middle-class woman before meeting Tiger, Erica has had to deal with a lot of claims that she’s a “gold-digger.” However, as her relationship with Tiger progressed, Erica has shown she’s devoted to Tiger and uninterested in fame or drama. She’s reportedly beloved by his kids, and many people close to the couple credit her with turning Tiger’s life around.

Erica Herman’s Biography

Erica was born on February 15, 1984, making her roughly 10 years younger than Tiger. So far, little is known about Tiger Woods girlfriend’s place of birth or upbringing, though some sources report she has a Jewish background. Over the years, Erica spent some time in New York before moving to Florida. In Florida, Herman studied at the University of Central Florida, where her major was political science.

Erica has been working in the restaurant industry for years. She started working as a bartender to pay for college, but she quickly advanced to management positions. She’s worked at many notable spots, including The Aura Bar and Restaurant of Orlando.

In 2015, Erica was chosen to be the general manager of The Woods restaurant. Due to her management, the restaurant was widely successful.

Tiger Woods Girlfriend Erica Herman
Erica Herman has endured some ups and downs with Tiger, from his 2019 Masters win to his 2020 car accident. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Before Tiger, Erica had no interest in dating anyone famous. Her past relationship was with Jesse Newton, the CEO of the Jin and Tonic Hospitality Group. They were together for over eight years and lived together for quite a while.

How Did Tiger Woods Meet His Girlfriend?

It’s unclear exactly when Erica and Tiger met. However, they have definitely known each other since 2015. In 2015, Erica started managing Tiger’s new restaurant, The Woods. The two worked together in a professional capability for quite a while.

However, apparently sparks started to fly very quickly. When Tiger was dating stylist Kristin Smith, Kristin was reportedly jealous over his relationship with Erica. Their relationship ended due to Tiger cheating with someone, and some sources report Erica may have been the person he was having an affair with.

When Tiger needed a fourth back surgery in April of 2017, Erica is the person he turned to for help. At the time, those who knew the couple praised Erica for her ability to remain positive and encouraging even though Tiger was struggling physically, professionally, and legally. In the next few months, they got closer and closer.

Does Erica Have Any Dark Secrets?

Erica and Tiger’s relationship might seem like a dream now, but life wasn’t always good for Erica. Apparently, her past relationship with Jesse Newton led to some issues for Erica. In 2010, Erica and Jesse tried to start a chain of nightclubs. However, the business folded, and investors sued the couple to get their money back.

Erica Herman hugs her BF
During their time together, Tiger Woods’ girlfriend has accompanied him at several PGA Tour events. (Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images)

Erica lost the lawsuit, and was ordered to pay investors over $240,000 in fees, fines, and interest. Her paychecks are being garnished to slowly pay back the debt over time. Reportedly, she has not accepted any money from Tiger to pay the debt off at once. 

Erica has also dealt with some other financial problems following the collapse of the investment. She was sued by Crescent Bank for failure to pay an auto loan, and her $13,000 BMW was repossessed. In 2014, she and Jesse were evicted for failing to pay the rent on their apartment.

Highlights of Erica and Tiger’s Relationship

Erica and Tiger were reportedly good friends for years. Erica first started working with Tiger in 2015. In May of 2017, she supported Tiger by accompanying him to court for his reckless driving charges.

However, they only brought their relationship into the public eye in September of 2017. At the Presidents Cup, Tiger gave Erica a highly coveted “player spouse credential” that let her socialize with all the other golfers, golf wives, and golf girlfriends. Though they didn’t officially announce they were dating, Woods and Herman were spotted holding hands and snuggling up together. This all seemed to signal that Erica Herman was in fact Tiger Woods’ girlfriend.

Early 2018 was also a big milestone for Erica and Tiger. Over the holidays, Erica accompanied Tiger and his two children, 11 year old Sam and nine year old Charlie, to the Bahamas. Erica reportedly gets along very well with Tiger’s children. Though she doesn’t try to take a motherly role, she is good friends with both of the kids.

Tiger Woods Girlfriend Son Erica Herman Masters 2019
Golfing legend Tiger Woods celebrated his latest major title at the 2019 Masters with Erica Herman and his family. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/ Getty Images )

Throughout 2018, people noticed that Erica was a grounding influence for Tiger. One notable instance occurred in July of 2018. When Tiger lost the British Open, he didn’t storm away in a rage like he usually does. Instead, he simply went to chat quietly with Erica and walked out with her calmly.

Another significant moment for the couple came at the Masters in 2019. After not winning the tournament since 2005, Tiger made a comeback and won for a surprising fifth time. What did he do after his historic win? He and Erica captivated the nation with their passionate kiss moments after Tiger’s win.

Where Are They Now And What’s Next For Tiger Woods And His Girlfriend?

For much of the couple’s relationship, Herman has maintained her own residence. However, in 2020, Erica and Tiger officially moved in together. Tiger has shared custody with his ex-wife Elin Nordegren, so his daughter Sam and son Charlie spend part of their time living with Erica now.

Reportedly, the transition has been smooth for everyone, despite Tiger’s recent car crash. The couple is currently focused on building a home but state they have no plans to marry any time soon.