Packers Fans Responded To Aaron Rodgers Finally Breaking His Silence After Bucks Win Over The Nets (TWEETS)

(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers has finally said something amid his trade demand and holding out of camp. Only, it has nothing to do with football at all.

On Thursday night, the Milwaukee Bucks took the floor in a desperate attempt to get back in the series against the Brooklyn Nets. It was a hard fought game that came down to the final seconds. Milwaukee scored the final six points of the game to win 86-83 and win their first game of the series.

Bucks fans were relieved and that included Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who posted a one-letter reaction to the win.

If you didn’t know, Aaron Rodgers owns a 1-percent stake in the Milwaukee Bucks. He invested his money in 2017. He hasn’t disclosed how much money he invested, but when the Bucks were bought in 2014, it was for $550 million. A percent of that would equal $5.5 million.

Packers fans reacted to the QB:

Rodgers spoke with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in 2019 about why he wanted a piece of the Bucks.

“I just wanted to be involved,” Rodgers said, “first of all because I love basketball and second because I’ve been here for so long I wanted, besides my Packer connection, just another natural connection to the state that I love and that I’ve grown up in.”

“The money part didn’t really matter to me because from a pure business standpoint the NBA is doing great,” Rodgers said. “Ratings are doing great. The new TV deal and the looming TV deal are fantastic. There’s a lot of star power in the NBA, which is driving revenue and interest. You still got the LeBrons of the world, the Russell Westbrooks, the Warriors with Steph (Curry) and ‘KD’ (Kevin Durant) and now with Giannis (Antetokounmpo) in Milwaukee, there is a lot of superstar talent and people who are really marketing themselves and are good for the league.”