Twitter Map Shows The Dodgers, Astros, & Yankees Are The Most ‘Hated’ MLB Teams In The Country (PIC)

(Photo by David Berding/Getty Images)

As one might expect, the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, and Houston Astros are extremely hated outside of the state that they play in.

A map created by, based on geotagged Twitter data gathered in the last month, shows the Dodgers, Yankees, and Astros are the most disliked MLB teams in the entire country.

Over 90,000 tweets were tracked for this data.

The Dodgers and Yankees being hated goes without question, as they are pretty much hated every single year. The Houston Astros would’ve never shown up in the top-10 of this list if not for the massive cheating scandal that rocked the sport. Shockingly, they come in third place.

Here’s the full breakdown:

Los Angeles Dodgers: 9 states
New York Yankees: 8 states
Houston Astros: 7 states
St. Louis Cardinals: 6 states
New York Mets: 6 states
Chicago Cubs: 4 states
Boston Red Sox: 3 states
Chicago White Sox: 3 states
Atlanta Braves: 1 state
Philadelphia Phillies: 1 state
San Francisco Giants: 1 state
Cleveland Indians: 1 state