Aaron Carter Has ‘Mild Concussion’ From Boxing Match Against Former NBA All-Star Lamar Odom: ‘Punched In The Throat So Hard’ (VIDEO)

On Friday night, two-time NBA champion Lamar Odom defeated former child pop star Aaron Carter by TKO in a Celebrity Boxing match held in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Within the first fifteen seconds of the fight, Carter looked the most impressive as he delivered a ton of punches to the much taller and heavier former athlete.

That fury wouldn’t last long as Odom would soon treat Carter like a red-headed stepchild as he beat him around the ring.

The stoppage occurred in the second of the fight’s three, 90-second rounds, as Carter failed to put up much defense against Odom.

Carter posted a note on Instagram after his fight and said he suffered a “mild concussion.”

“Mild concussion but fuck it, it was worth it! Thank you (Celebrity Boxing) and Lamar Odom for such an amazing fight I appreciate you giving me your best! Thank you!”

He also took to Twitter as well:

“I got punched in the throat so hard lol that shit was so much fun!!!! I actually had a blast so y’all can say what you want. But I don’t see you at 6’ fighting a giant. Takes a bow*”

The fight was reportedly held in front of a sold-out crowd at the Showboat Hotel, with the livestream running $29.99.