Somebody Dropped Over $17,000 To Skywrite Marriage Proposal & Take Shot at Joe Rogan’s Height (VIDEO)

There are better ways to spend thousands of dollars, but when you apparently have some disposable income, you can do insane things like get a marriage proposal done in an extravagant way.

On Saturday, the words “will you marry me Mollie Pratt?” appeared in the sky above Los Angeles. It was also followed by by a series of follow up messages from the same skywriter: “She said yes,” “I love you more than anything,” “Excited to spend my life with you,” and “Until death do us part.”

The whole thing ended with one last message: “Joe Rogan is literally 5 foot 3.”

A spokesperson for Sky Typers told TheWrap that someone paid $17,500 for 10 messages total.

Rogan’s height is actually listed at 5’7″.