Sextape Leaks of Boxer Adrien Broner Performing Oral Sex On Woman Who Isn’t His Wife (VIDEO)

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Adrien Broner, the former world champion, has been under the limelight for several reasons in his career. Apart from his sensational in-ring accolades, Broner has always been on the clutch of controversies.

In the past, he fully understood how to keep his personal life low-key and away from media attention. That certainly changed this week.

A sextape was posted of Broner showing him giving oral to a woman who is not his fiancée.

His long-time fiancée is Arie Nicole, AKA, Miss Louie Bags.

Apparently, Miss Louie Bags does not care what he is doing because they are not together.

“That’s not my nigga haven’t been my nigga in a very long time.. i can careless wtf he doing. Move around off me”

Since we cant show the video here and you want to see these videos posted a quick search on Twitter for user @GOTCITYTEA

The unknown chick in the video has been found, and as you likely expected, she is on Onlyfans: