BREAKING: MLB Analyst Exposes Yankees, Royals, & Dodgers With Rampant Cheating Over The Past Few Years

Move over, Houston Astros….You certainly have some company in the cheating department.

Major League Baseball is getting rocked this week with more cheating accusations after MLB analyst and podcast host Ryan M. Spaeder took to Twitter and decided to burn it all dwn and expose all of the teams that have been cheating.

UPDATE: Ryan M. Spaeder has since deleted every tweet.

“I’ve had enough, I think I am coming out with everything tomorrow… going to sleep on it.”

“Everything that I am about to say was verified by more than one player. I do not mean to burn anyone, and I love baseball… I’ve just had enough of this bullshit.”

“The Royals were the first team with a full analytics and video department close by their dugout, doing so in 2015, their World Series Championship year. How they used it, I do not know.”

“The Yankees had cameras in left, center, and right, all pointing at the pitcher’s glove, rather than the catcher, to pick up his grip.”

Aaron Judge 2017-18 home – .312/.440/.725
Aaron Judge 2017-18 road – .256/.404/.531

“The Dodgers had an employee who was caught setting up cameras at Minute Maid Park wearing an MLB Polo Shirt, when he should have been wearing a Dodgers Polo, during the 2017 World Series.”

“This one hurts to say… my favorite player ever… “Chase Utley was the biggest cheater of all-time.”

“As insane as this sounds, I’ve heard this from multiple players, Adrian Beltre had a buddy with binoculars in dead center who would wave a beater (undershirt) if he was getting something off speed in 2017.”

Beltre 2017 home – .362/.440/.586
Beltre 2017 away – .271/.333/.489

That is a whole lot of something that we will have to wait and see if Major League Baseball actually plans to investigate or just completely ignore and continue to have the Astros as the scapegoat.

I think we all know the answer here.

As you may or may not know, we are all still waiting on the findings from an investigation into sign-stealing allegations against the 2017 New York Yankees. U.S. District Judge Jed S. Rakoff that said commissioner Rob Manfred’s letter to the Yankees will remain sealed while the team’s appeal unfolds.

In September 2017, Manfred issued a fine to the Boston Red Sox amid allegations they used an Apple Watch to electronically steal signs. The Red Sox then accused their rivals of having a sign-stealing scheme of their own, but Manfred said there was “insufficient evidence” to corroborate the claim.

The Athletic’s Evan Drellich reported in 2020 that Rakoff ruled MLB and the Yankees would have to release “a minimally redacted version” of Manfred’s letter.

“MLB primarily argues that it will be injured by the disclosure of the Yankees Letter because such disclosure will undermine its ability to conduct internal investigations in the future by undermining teams’ faith in their confidentiality. The Yankees argue that they have a strong privacy interest because public disclosure of the Yankees Letter would cause the Yankees significant reputational injury. While this may be the case, the gravity of this concern is again lessened by the fact that the contents of the Yankees Letter have already been discussed in some form by the 2017 Press Release.”