Jemele Hill Had An Eye-Popping Admission On Her Departure From ESPN (TWEET)

Back in 2018, Jemele Hill was officially free from working with ESPN. Even though Hill, the often outspoken anchor and reporter, had more than two years left on her contract, both parties basically acknowledged that their past together prohibited a future.

Hill received more than a $5 million buyout.

Among the many things that she did in the wake of her departure was taking to Twitter and labeling President Donald Trump a “white supremacist” as well as urging people to protest Jerry Jones after he said he would suspend any player who “disrespected” the flag.

In response to a tweet from Sports Illustrated‘s Rohan Nadkarni asking if anything in adulthood can compare to the last day of school feeling as a child, Hill had an eye-popping response when she said “her last day as a SportsCenter anchor” fit the bill.

It was fairly recently when Hill called out her former employer for their social media activity.

“It just kind of became obvious to me that the relationship — as good and as fruitful and as beneficial as it was — had really run its course,” Hill said after her departure.

It wasn’t about leaving because things got difficult, Hill tells me. “I’ve been through difficult swings in my career. It was about the fact that I can’t commit to something that I know isn’t right for me, that I know isn’t going to bring out the best in me and that I know is going to be kind of a waste of time.”