Yankees’ Gerrit Cole Sounded Like He Wanted To Cry Because He Can’t Use Sticky Substances Anymore: “It’s So Hard” (VIDEO)

The Yankees eked out a win, though the bigger story may have been when Gerrit Cole had to say after the game.

The talk that has dominated MLB headlines for the last two weeks revolves around the pending crackdown on foreign substances. On Wednesday night, the Yankees narrowly defeated the Blue Jays in Buffalo to guarantee at least a series victory.

Cole strung together eight effective innings, giving up two runs on four hits and one walk, while totaling four strikeouts on 104 pitches. If you were wondering, his spin rates were down a ton on his four-seamer, slider, and curveball.

After the game, Cole sounded like a man who wanted to cry now that he is unable to use sticky substances anymore.

Pitchers will be ejected and suspended for 10 games for using illegal foreign substances to doctor baseballs in a crackdown by Major League Baseball.

The commissioner’s office, responding to record strikeouts and a league batting average at a more than half-century low, said Tuesday that major and minor league umpires will start regular checks of all pitchers, even if opposing managers don’t request inspections.

Players suspended for violations will not be replaced on the active roster. The suspensions will be with pay, sources told ESPN’s Jeff Passan.