Devin Booker Rewards ‘Suns In 4’ Fan With Signed Jersey & Tickets To Conference Finals

While the Phoenix Suns and Denver Nuggets were battling on the court in Game 3 of their Western Conference Semifinals series, a battle was brewing in the stands between three people.

A video of a Suns fan defending himself and punching a Nuggets fan went viral, and soon after the Suns swept the Nuggets, Devin Booker took to Twitter to try and locate the guy.

Not only was he found, but Booker rewarded him with a few gifts.

“It didn’t take long for Booker’s representatives at CAA to find Nick McKellar, a lifelong Suns fan who now lives in Denver,” wrote Zach Lowe of ESPN. “Booker and the Suns are going to send McKellar a signed Booker jersey and provide him tickets to a conference finals game, both Booker’s reps at CAA and McKellar told ESPN.”

The Suns are still waiting for a conference finals opponent as the series between the Los Angeles Clippers and Utah Jazz is still ongoing.

Last night, the Kawhi-Less Clippers took a 3-2 series lead as the series shifts back to Los Angeles. The franchise finds themselves within one game of qualifying for the Western Conference Finals for the first time in franchise history. It will be the 3 time in the past six years where they have been in this position to do so.