Michael Jordan’s Kids: Who They Are and What They Do

Michael Jordan kids children

Does Michael Jordan have kids? Who are Michael Jordan’s children?

The Last Dance, a docuseries on Michael Jordan’s career in the NBA, produced huge numbers. An average of 5.6 million viewers watched all ten episodes. This content is now known as the most-viewed Disney-owned documentary in history.

As the top documentary series in the world, The Last Dance was sure to have people talking. Jordan’s biggest fans and those alike had a few questions once the series was over.

One of the most prominent questions being, “why weren’t MJ’s kids in the docuseries?” This led to people from all over wanting to know more about the five children Michael Jordan has with his ex- and current-wife.

So, who are Michael Jordan’s children and what are they doing now? Read on to learn everything you need to know.

Jeffrey Michael Jordan

michael jordan kids jeffrey jordan
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Jeffrey Jordan is the oldest of Michael Jordan’s five kids. Jeffrey was born on November 18, 1988, by Juanita Vanoy, Michael Jordan’s first wife of 17 years. However, Jeffrey was born before his parents were ever married.

In fact, when Vanoy came to Michael to tell him that she was pregnant, he didn’t believe it was his. It took legal representatives for Vanoy to finally get the attention from Michael Jordan that she needed.

A few months after July 1988, Michael admitted he was the father of Jeffrey. Jeffrey Jordan was present at their Vegas wedding.

Being Jeffrey Jordan

Growing up as Jeffrey Michael Jordan was much like growing up as a normal child… but with a few perks. His mother was strict on schooling, but every so often he could fly with the Chicago Bulls team to their away games.

Being the firstborn son of Michael Jordan led to him meeting his idols at a very young age. These idols, and his dad, of course, inspired Jeffrey Jordan to play basketball in his early years and in high school.

Although Jeffrey didn’t play in the NBA like his father, he played in college at the University of Illinois. And he later transferred to the University of Central Florida.

His first three seasons were completed in Illinois, but in 2010, he transferred over to Florida to continue playing. His father showed up to games when he could and even muffled up some advice for his son.

In the home, Michael and Jeffrey Jordan would play basketball one on one as it was a way of life at the time. However, Vanoy had to eventually ban them from playing together because of the level of competitiveness.

There was one time when Michael tackled Jeffrey during a heated competition and accidentally gave his son a good amount of stitches. This could be a traumatizing experience for some, but Jeffrey swears it was all in good fun.

In 2019, Jeffrey married Radina Aneva. Although he no longer plays basketball, he works at Nike for the Jordan Brand, where he leads the digital innovation campaigns. However, this isn’t the only gig he has.

Alongside his brother, Marcus Jordan, Jeffrey is the cofounder of Heir Jordan, a foundation that focuses on philanthropy and investments. He also cofounded Jordan Avakian Group (JAG), which offers mentoring and investment opportunities for sports or entertainment startups.

Marcus James Jordan

michael jordan kids marcus jordan
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Marcus James Jordan is the second kid of three that Michael Jordan and Vanoy had together. He was born merely two years after his older brother on December 24, 1990, after his parents had been married for only a year.

Being Marcus James Jordan

Like his older brother Jeffrey, Marcus Jordan played basketball growing up and for fun in the backyard with his dad. However, according to Marcus, that fun was not always so fun.

You can imagine having an all-star father in the NBA who is competitive even with his young kids. Things were so competitive that Marcus felt forced to call his mother one time to get his father off of his back.

His college years were spent at the University of Central Florida where he played basketball while causing a bit of controversy. During a game, he cost the school millions of dollars by wearing Nike Air Jordans on the court.

The school had a contract with Adidas, but Marcus had made his decision. Not all was lost though. After Adidas withdrew its deal, Nike came in as the sponsor.

Nowadays, Marcus Jordan owns and operates his own company named Trophy Room. It’s inspired by the room filled with trophies that his dad owns. Trophy Room is an online boutique that sells fashion and sneakers, mainly Jordan-based fashion.

That’s right, his collection can be anyone’s to buy. In 2019, he partnered with The Container Store to clean up and organize his large collection.

Jasmine Mickael Jordan

michale jordan kids jasmine m jordan

Jasmine M Jordan was the first-born daughter of Michael Jordan. She was also the last child he had with now-ex-wife Juanita Vanoy. She made her way into this world on December 7, 1992.

Being Jasmine M Jordan

Jasmine Jordan is the first of Michael Jordan’s daughters and the first to break the tradition of playing basketball. This was never an issue for Michael. He always supported and encouraged his children to do what they wanted to do.

Instead, she studied sports management at Syracuse University. It was there where she met Rakeem Christmas who she had a baby boy with in 2019. Although Jasmine was not the first child of MJ’s, she was the first to give him a grandchild.

Rakeem Christmas is a former Syracuse basketball star so, yes, it does stay in the family. The two are currently engaged and enjoying life with their child while maintaining their careers.

Jasmine also works for the Jordan brand with her oldest brother Jeffrey. Her executive role involves scheduling photoshoots, appearances, and other media coverage opportunities for the Charlotte Hornets, the NBA team her father owns.

Victoria and Ysabel Jordan

Ysabel and Victoria

The last of Michael Jordan’s children are identical twins who are only seven years of age. Ysabel Jordan and Victoria Jordan were born on February 9, 2014.

They are half-siblings to Michael Jordan’s three adult children as they were born to Michael’s second wife, Yvette Prieto. The two married in 2013 after meeting in 2007 at a Miami nightclub. The couple is still together today.

After the couple’s $10 million wedding day, the twins were born less than a year later. They both live with their parents, Michael and Yvette, in their South Florida home in a secluded mansion away from the media’s eyes.

Because Ysabel and Victoria Jordan are so young compared to their siblings, they live a very private life. As they age, we can expect to learn more about the twins of Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan’s Relationship With His Children

Although Michael Jordan’s sons, Jeffrey and Marcus recall competitiveness in the home when it came to basketball, the relationship they had with their father was never a bad one.

Michael Jordan and all five of his kids have a great relationship even in their older years. Although there is not much to know about the twins, it is safe to assume they are living a full life with their father in Florida.

Jordan doesn’t do many interviews that involve details about his personal life. However, in 2007, he brought his oldest, Jeffrey, to appear with him on the Today Show.

Jordan spoke about wanting Jeffrey and his other children to be their own people. He wanted nothing more than for them to pave their own way, rather than being known as Michael Jordan’s kids.

After looking into their lives, it seems that’s exactly what they did. The positive feedback Jordan’s kids received from him led them to have a good relationship with him in their adult years.

MJ and his family
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The most recent personal information we received about Michael was through the Netflix documentary, The Last Dance, which revolved around Michael’s time in the NBA.

The director of the docuseries wanted to focus on the legendary story of Michael Jordan the NBA player. Not Michael Jordan the loving father. Michael has always been private about his current wife and children. So he may have had a huge say in not including family members in the series.

Although his kids weren’t in the documentary, his oldest children all commented positive things about it. There seems to be nothing but love coming from both sides.

Michael Jordan’s Kids: The More You Know

As a sports fan, you may have already known everything there is to know about Michael Jordan on the court. Yet, his five children remain a mystery to some of his biggest fans.

Michael Jordan’s kids are more than just the children of a former NBA megastar. They have made a name for themselves too. You can find his oldest three on social media to stay up to date with their current lives.