Devin Booker Didn’t Care For ESPN’s Richard Jefferson’s Concern That He Rewarded ‘Suns In 4’ Guy For Beating Down Nuggets Fan (PIC)

Devin Booker is truly unstoppable on the court, and now he is showing he is just as unstoppable off of it as well.

After leading the Phoenix Suns to a series sweep against the Denver Nuggets — Booker took to Twitter in search for the ‘Suns in 4’ fan who went viral for beating up a Denver Nuggets bully who poured beer on his head.


“Booker, the Phoenix Suns’ All-Star guard, tweeted Monday that he wanted to know the identity of the Suns fan who was recorded punching a Denver Nuggets fan several times in the closing minutes of the Suns’ Game 3 win in Denver on Friday — and then declaring “Suns in 4!” as the Denver supporter and his friend retreated.

It didn’t take long for Booker’s representatives at CAA to find Nick McKellar, a lifelong Suns fan who now lives in Denver. Booker and the Suns are going to send McKellar a signed Booker jersey and provide him tickets to a conference finals game, both Booker’s reps at CAA and McKellar told ESPN.”

On top of that, he is also receiving his own action figure.

Former NBA player-turned-analyst Richard Jefferson reacted to the news of the fan receiving tickets and thinks it will set a bad example. Booker saw the comment and he response showed he couldn’t careless.