Denver Nuggets Fan Who Got Beat Up By ‘Suns In 4’ Fan Gives His Side of The Story (VIDEO)

The Denver Nuggets fan who was taking a flurry punches to the face and head is now speaking out and giving his side of the story.

The guy claims he was getting ready to leave the game because it was basically over when the Phoenix Suns started talking trash.

He added that he offered to bet on the next game, to which the Suns fan declined. As we know now, the Nuggets fan would’ve lost that bet.

Check out the full story:

The phrase “Suns in 4” can be heard all around The Valley as Chris Paul, Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton, and company are just four wins away from their first appearance in the NBA Finals since 1993.

The Suns’ next game was Sunday against the Clippers in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. Here’s the Suns fan getting special treatment from the crowd.