Denver Nuggets Fan That Got Beat Up By ‘Suns In 4’ Guy is Getting A Beaten & Battered Action Figure (PIC)

The worst thing the Denver Nuggets fan could’ve done was come out and tell his side of the story and make himself look even worse.

“I had a Dos Equis beer. Took a gulp. I didn’t even hear…I aint even listen to what he was saying and then I poured it on him. Actually, before that, I was like yeah shut the f**k up. When he went to rank my chain he scratched my nose. If you’ve ever been in a fight and you get socked in your nose hard one then you’re gonna have black eyes. I don’t have black eyes. It’s a scratch he scratched my nose and everyone’s acting like I got demolished,” the fan said while showing his scratched nose.”

Instead of trying to stay lowkey and hide his face, he now has to deal with having his own action figure, which was created by Hands Of Doom on Instagram, which is the same person who made an action figure for the ‘Suns in 4’ guy.

“Eager Edger non action figure includes fake jewelry. This will be include with the Suns in 4 guy action figure!”