Julia Rose: Get To Know The World Series Flasher

Julia Rose world series flasher jake paul ex

One of the most often confused facts about Julia Rose is that people think she grew up in Africa. That Julia Rose is an actress. The Julia Rose we’re fascinated with flashed everyone at the World Series in 2019.

Her ta-tas might be the thing people remember most about her but there’s more to Julia Rose than just being the World Series Flasher.

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What Was Julia Rose Like Growing Up?

Julia Rose was born in New Orleans, Lousiana, on December 30, 1993. She grew up in a conservative family in a small town in Texas. She didn’t leave her small town until she was in her early twenties.

In Los Angeles, she worked at a Hooters franchise as a bartender. She shared pictures of herself in her old Hooters uniform on Instagram and Twitter.

Rose got her big break when she was selected to be on the MTV reality series, Are You the One? Julia won a cash prize and got lots of national exposure. She also walked away with fellow castmate, Stephen McHugh as her boyfriend.

julia rose instagram world series flasher

The two of them enjoyed some attention from being on the show after it was over. Julia and Stephen also ran a YouTube channel together for a short time.

Julia Rose and Stephen broke up when he supposedly cheated on her with a member of the reality show cast. The relationship was on and off for a while after that.

McHugh did stay in her life long enough to become co-founder and producer of Shagmage, Julia Rose’s magazine.

According to McHugh, Shagmag was created to build a controlled and healthy environment. What is Shagmag really though? According to their Patreon page, Shagmag is, “an all you can eat buffet of…exclusive and uncensored content of Julia Rose…(and yes there will be b**bs.)”

What Happened at the 2019 World Series?

Before 2019 she was mostly know as Julia Rose, Instagram model. In game 5 of the World Series, everything changed. She became known as the World Series Flasher.

Julia Rose, Lauren Summer, and Kayla Lauren planned a gag that cost them a lot of money.

They paid $80,000 to get seats where they would be most likely to get camera attention – right behind home plate. The ladies say that they planned this prank a year in advance.

They didn’t know when it was going to happen. Julia Rose and her friends only knew that they wanted it to happen during the MLB World Series.

What did Julia Rose, Kayla Lauren, and Lauren Summer do? They flashed their breasts and caught everyone’s attention. Astros pitcher called a time-out until security escorted Rose and Summer out of the arena.

world series flasher

Julia says that fans loved it.

After the game was over, Julia had a letter delivered from David Thomas, the Vice President, and Baseball Operations at MLB. Lauren and Summer got the same letter that banned them all from any future event MLB stadiums.

Many thought that Julia Rose and her friends pulled off the stunt to promote Shagmag. They denied that this was their main purpose. The goal was to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Summer tweeted that the proceeds from ShagMag would be going to help with breast cancer. They would help them pay medical bills and do whatever they could to help.

Nudity was not a new way to get publicity for Julia Rose. Instagram is where she often posted nude and almost nude content. Instagram eventually shut down her account after multiple removals of pictures.

What Was Going on With Julia Rose and Jake Paul?

Julia was involved with several men but the one that people speak about often isĀ Jake Paul. A lot of people just refer to her as another Jake Paul ex. Jake Paul is a professional boxer but he is most well known for his YouTube career and for being the brother of Logan Paul.

julia rose

Julia Rose dated Jake Paul in 2020. But when the couple broke up, Paul broke down. He posted videos on his vlog, begging her to take him back.

Paul encouraged his followers not to take their relationships for granted. He’s depressed, he says on his YouTube channel. His brother Logan helped Jake Paul with his mental health by taking him out to do man stuff.

Where Is She Now?

What’s up next for Julia Rose? She aims to give Playboy a run for their money with ShagMag. The magazine does have topless photos but it also has dating advice and sports stories.

Julia Rose now says she wants to replace Playboy as the powerhouse it once was. As the ShagMag founder, she believes that she can turn her models into stars like many of Hugh Hefner’s models became.

One of the promotional features she plans on doing is inviting ShagMag models to live with her. In Julia Rose’s Beverly Hills mansion, they will have parties and create social media content that is often a little too hot to handle. You can see a ton of her content on her Instagram account, which has over 400k followers.


Recently, nightlife mogul, Joe Fournier, approached Julia Rose about getting SwagMag’s sponsorship for a fight. The fight would be with the Triller Fight Club.

The Triller Fight Club is a pay-per-view experience run by Snoop Dog. It’s essentially a fight club for the stars.

Rose agreed to sponsor Fournier’s fight and sat in the coach’s corner the night of the fight. The fight took place on April 17th of 2021.

Julia Rose Will Make Her Own Success

One thing that you can say about Julia Rose: she’s not a quitter. She’s determined and she’s a forward thinker. Rose has youth on her side and she knows that she has something her generation wants.

julia rose

Julia Rose isn’t afraid to try new things. She knows how to use the internet to get the attention her business needs. Millennials appreciate her gutsiness and her bravado and they are sure to follow her wherever she is.

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