Social Media is Now Blaming Devin Booker For Suns Fans Beating The Crap Out of Clippers Fans (VIDEO + TWEETS)

The Los Angeles Clippers took the loss in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals against the Phoenix Suns. Then, two Clippers fans decided to add to the loss column by getting jumped by the fan base.

In the clip below, it appears a Clippers fan threw a punch and all hell broke loose as he and his buddy got beat up from every direction.

Some people can also be heard yelling “Suns in 4,” a reference to an incident during Phoenix’s last series where one of their fans beat a Nuggets fan down for trying to bully him and pouring beer all over his head. The incident caught the attention of Suns star Devin Booker, who took to Twitter to seek out the information of the mystery guy, who we later found out was Nick McKellar.

Booker is now being blamed by social media for the above incident.

“Hopefully an aberration but an expected byproduct of “Suns in Four Fan” being called a legend by Devin Booker and shirts of him being handed out pregame. Everyone is looking to be the next in line for free tickets and autographed jerseys for a viral video.”

“This isn’t about Suns fans or Clippers fans or who threw the first punch. It’s about not celebrating violence at a game and people being able to go to a game without worrying about being involved in a brawl. I can totally understand a family with kids not wanting to go to a game.”

According to ESPN, Book rewarded the fan’s fierce loyalty with a signed jersey and tickets to Game 1. Former NBA player and analyst Richard Jefferson questioned whether such actions “could set a bad precedent.”

Booker really did not care for his response.