Jay Williams Got Roasted Again After Claiming His Terrible Celtics Tweet Was From A Hacker (TWEET)

Ah yes, the whole I got hacked and didn’t really send out something stupid excuse is back.

Professional basketball analyst Jay Williams spent Wednesday afternoon getting roasted online for a shockingly wrong tweet following the news that the Boston Celtics will hire Brooklyn Nets assistant Ime Udoka to be the next head coach of the franchise.

“The first head coach of color for the Celtics,” Williams wrote, with a fist emoji. “& even more importantly…he is one talented individual who has paid his dues.”

The Celtics have employed multiple minority coaches throughout their eight decades of existence.

  • Bill Russell served as player-coach of the Celtics from 1966-69, leading the team to two NBA titles.
  • Tom “Satch” Sanders, a Hall of Fame player for the Celtics, coached the team for a season and change in 1978.
  • K.C. Jones, a Hall of Famer and franchise icon, led Larry Bird and the Celtics to two titles during his tenure on the sidelines from 1983-88.
  • Jimmy Rodgers coached Boston for 164 games from 1988-90.
  • M.L. Carr also coached the Celtics for 164 games from 1995-97.
  • And, of course, Doc Rivers served as C’s head coach from 2004-13, winning a championship in 2008.

Hours would pass before he got back on Twitter and explained himself. He claimed someone hacked his account.

All that did was prompt even more roasting for an obvious lie.