LeBron Couldn’t Believe Jay Williams Said Celtics Finally Hired A Head Coach of Color (TWEET)

It appeared Jay Williams didn’t do his homework before tweeting about the Celtics hiring Ime Udoka.

The ESPN analyst has been trending all day after he claimed Udoka was “the first head coach of color” for the franchise. The Celtics were the first NBA franchise to hire a non-white coach when they named Bill Russell a player-coach on April 16, 1966.

More recently, Doc Rivers led the Celtics to an NBA title during his decade-long run in charge of the franchise.

LeBron James was among that group that wondered if Williams’ tweet was photoshopped because of how insane it was.

“Has to be right!?!? It better be,” James tweeted in response to another user.

We now know it wasn’t photoshopped, because Williams claimed a hacker got into his account and actually sent it out.