REPORT: XFL Players Getting Screwed Trying To Collect Unpaid Wages From Defunct League

(Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)

The XFL had everything going for them during the 2.0 version of the league and then a global pandemic came in and shutdown the world.

The XFL was five weeks into its relaunch when Covid-19 concerns forced the league to postpone games indefinitely. Less than one month later, the league discontinued all operations and permanently laid off most, if not all, employees. Days later, league ownership declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy, citing more than 1,000 creditors and up to $50 million in liabilities.

Things have only gotten worse for the former players in the league. Via Daniel Kaplan of, XFL players will get as little as four cents on the dollar for their claims for unpaid wages.

“Roughly 450 players on the eight teams each were due, on average, more than $14,000, according to calculations by a players’ group. Most filed claims for $14,560, a huge sum for an out-of-work minor league football player, based on advice from that group.

Instead, they will be getting as little as 4 cents on the dollar of that amount, or $580.

“So that was kind of, you know, guys were thinking $14,000 … that was kind of where we had all kind of figured out, based off the contract and stuff like that,” said Kenneth Farrow, who played on the Seattle Dragons and is a co-founder of the United Football Players Association, which wants to represent players in developmental football leagues.”

The average claims were in the range of $14,000. Some will get less than $600. On top of that, they won’t get the money until the end of this year or early next year.

XFL 3.0 will return as soon as 2022.