Scottie Pippen Burns Charles Barkley For Throwing ‘Little White Guys’ Out of A Window, Not Fighting Black Men

Scottie Pippen still hates Charles Barkley.

Hakeem Olajuwon and the Rockets capitalized on the power vacuum in the NBA and captured two straight titles in 1994 and 1995 after Michael Jordan retired the first time.

The team tried to add more by eventually getting Charles Barkley on the roster, but John Stockton killed those hopes when he drained a buzzer beating 3 in Game 6 in the 1997 WCF. The 1998-99 season saw Clyde Drexler call it quits and retire from the NBA, so the team would bring in six-time champ Scottie Pippen. Barkley and Pippen never meshed well and it led to Pippen demanding a trade away from Houston after their ‘99 collapse. Pippen would go off on Barkley and call him “fat and selfish”.

During a promo following the end of their season, Pippen said, “I wouldn’t give Charles Barkley an apology at gun point,” to which Chuck replied, “As you know I always carry a gun with me, so if I get arrested for murder y’all know he didn’t apologize.”

It’s been 22 years since Scottie Pippen and Charles Barkley were teammates with the Houston Rockets, but that is one wound that time won’t heal. In a Tyler Tynes article published by GQ on Thursday, Pippen called out Barkley’s toughness and said “I ain’t never seen him fight a Black man unless there were referees around.”

Pippen is still mad about Barkley’s joke.

“I wish he woulda went through with it,” Pippen told GQ. “I never apologized to him, but I’ll tell you what: He only got arrested for throwing some little white guys out of a window. I ain’t never seen him fight a Black man unless there were referees around. He plays his role like he’s tough. I don’t know nobody he done whooped. Go back and check his record. Did I apologize to him? I told him to get me the hell out of there. That’s what I recall.”