Scottie Pippen Called Out Michael Jordan For Cheating On Bets

(Photo credit should read BRIAN BAHR/AFP via Getty Images)

In the history of American sports, few dynamic duos found more success than Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. During their time with the Chicago Bulls, MJ and Pip brought home six NBA championships.

On top of his willingness to win NBA games,

During a recent appearance on The Dan LeBatard Show, Jordan is notorious for being a competitive gambler and has even been accused of cheating to win random prop bets.

Pippen said Jordan has cheated on some bets and won others through purchased or reputational advantages during an appearance on The Dan Le Batard Show.

“I will say that he cheated on a few of his bets,” Pippen said.

Pippen did not give any specific examples of when Jordan cheated. However, there was an alleged incident where Jordan betted Pippen $100 on the outcome of pre-recorded animated Bull races during games on the Chicago Stadium jumbotron.

Jordan would ask the Bulls’ operations staff before each game which color bull would win the race that night and then use this information to trick Pippen into a losing bet, according to Amin Elhassan of ESPN.

He would also apparently bet his teammates hundreds of dollars on who’s luggage would get pulled out first by airport staff, according to a story by Bill Simmons in ESPN The Magazine. Pippen disputed a report that Jordan bribed luggage handlers, but confirmed Jordan gave himself a unique advantage in the race to get his luggage pulled out first.

“Michael Jordan had his own beautiful bags,” Pippen said. “At this time, we didn’t have team bags, so when you saw a bag come off and it had a Jumpman on it, I’m sure for the guys working at the airport, that was the first bag they grabbed. So he had an advantage, but I don’t think it was something he intentionally did. It was just a knowing thing that he knew people were going to jump on his bag.”