Michael Rapaport Clowns “Loser” Kevin Durant During His Feud With Scottie Pippen (VIDEO)

Michael Rapaport has shown that he loves to call out Kevin Durant for his behavior.

This time around, the actor and comedian is coming to speak on Kevin Durant who is in a feud with Scottie Pippen over what the Chicago Bulls legend said about him.

In a wide-ranging interview with GQ to promote his new bourbon and memoir, Pippen commented on Durant’s performance in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. He also said he isn’t better than LeBron.

“KD, as great as his offense was, it turned out to be his worst enemy because he didn’t know how to play team basketball,” Pippen said. “He kept trying to go punch for punch.”

The 2014 MVP was quick to draw attention to the stains on Pippen’s resume by calling into question the infamous “last shot” incident.

Here’s what Rapaport had to say about it: