Bruce Smith Says The 1990s Bills Had A Gay Player, Teammates Didn’t Care (VIDEO)

It shouldn’t be shocking to know that gay athletes have been around forever, but remained in the closet because of fear of being bullied or judged or ostracized.

Hall of Fame defensive end Bruce Smith recently told TMZ Hall of Fame defensive end Bruce Smith recently told TMZ about the 90’s Bills having a gay player on the squad.

“We had a gay player in our locker room,” Smith said. “I think it was the mid-to-late ’90s and I think we might have had two but that wasn’t what we were focused on… We were focused on winning games and each and every person that was in that locker room contributing to the goal at hand which was winning football games. None of that other stuff mattered. This was about winning football games and trying to be a good person.”

“Judge me by my character and judge me by the way I treat people,” Smith said. “If we show a little bit more love and compassion in the world, this will be a much better place.”

This revalation came out after Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib announced that he’s gay.

Soccer player Kumi Yokoyama came out as transgender and intends to transition once they retire.