Floyd Mayweather Gladly Confirmed How Much He Earned From ‘Fake Fight’ Against Logan Paul (VIDEO)

Floyd Mayweather does not care if you respect what he is doing in the late stages of his career, he is still bringing in insane amounts of money.

Weeks after his controversial exhibition match against YouTuber Logan Paul, Floyd Mayweather abruptly confirmed the significant payout he received from the bout. Following his protégé Gervonta Davis‘ 11th-round knockout of Mario Barrios to claim the WBA super lightweight title, Mayweather was caught on video boasting, “I’m the only person that can do a fake fight and get 100Ms (millions).”

“I could do legalized sparring and get 100 M’s,” continued the boxing legend.

“Am I the best bank robber?” he asked Mayweather Promotions CEO, Leonard Ellerbe. “Because I don’t know nobody in sports that’s my age and can still stick ’em up like that.”

No winner was announced at the conclusion of the fight between Mayweather and Paul, many viewers agreed that the undefeated boxer had won. Mayweather last beat kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in 2018 during a fight “strictly for entertainment purposes,” and his last boxing match was in 2017 against UFC fighter Connor McGregor.