Two Men Who Ran Out On Super Bowl Field Finally Receive Their Punishments

Two men who ran onto the field during the final quarter of Super Bowl LV in February went before a judge this week. They both pleaded no contest to trespassing and agreed to a year of probation.

Under the terms of their probation, the men must perform 100 hours of community service, pay a $500 fine and write letters of apology to the National Football League, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

“I think you can tell by now, what might have been amusing back during the Super Bowl was not very amusing,” Hillsborough County Judge Jack Gutman said. “It inconvenienced a lot of people. You exposed people to injury. And hopefully you learned your lesson about all this. It’s not funny at all.”

One of the men told the judge, “No more streaking. I promise.”

Yuri Andrade was wearing shorts and a pink leotard as he evaded security for a couple of seconds just to be tackled near the end zone as the Chiefs and Bucs looked on.

The other man ran onto the field first, distracting security officers.

The Buccaneers won the game 31-9.