Larry Johnson Calls Gwen Berry A ‘Clown’ For Protesting America & Wanting To Represent Country At The Olympics (PIC)

U.S. Olympian Gwen Berry has been a controversial figure ever since she turned away from the flag during the playing of the national anthem at the Olympic trials. Berry defended her controversial decision, saying that while she found the song “disrespectful” she “never said” she “hated the country.”

Larry Johnson doesn’t agree with her decision for numerous reasons. The former Kansas City Chiefs running back took to his Instagram story and blasted Berry for protesting the country, but still wanting to represent the country in Tokyo.

“protests America while competing and wanting to represent America, wins 3rd place”

“Clowns for the circus. Clowns for the circus.”

Speaking on Monday to Black News Channel, Berry, a hammer thrower, explained why she decided to turn her back to the flag during the podium ceremony.

“We were not even supposed to be on the podium” during the anthem, Berry said, again referring to the playing of the song as a “setup.”

Asked about the criticism she’s received, including calls to be removed from the team, Berry said she “never said” she “didn’t want to go to the Olympic Games.”

“That’s why I competed and got third and made the team,” Berry said.