Random Fan Casually Walks Up & Steals Rory McIlroy’s Club Right In Front of Him, Tries To Tee Off (VIDEO)

Golf is not usually a game where you will see fans get souvenirs, but one fan drastically tried to get his money’s worth by taking home a golf pro’s clubs.

One fan at the Scottish Open took boldness a step too far on Friday when he stole a club right out of Rory McIlroy’s bag.

McIlroy was warming up on the practice range ahead of his second round, when a fan just walked up and grabbed for an iron out of his bag and walked to the other side of the range. As McIlroy noticed the blatant theft, he could only look on in disbelief.

Security eventually made its way over to the fan and escorted him off of the range.

A European Tour statement didn’t shed much light on the security breach either.

“At approximately 8am on Friday morning, a spectator entered the 10th tee area,” the tour said. “He was quickly escorted from the tee by security personnel and the matter is now in the hands of Police Scotland.”