Dustin Poirier’s Wife, Jolie, Gave Conor McGregor A Huge Middle Finger After He Broke His Leg (PIC)

(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Jolie Poirier had the last laugh.

The first round of the UFC 264 main event was eventful, with Dustin Poirier ultimately taking Conor McGregor to the ground as they exchanged strikes back and forth. Once the action moved back with both fighters on their feet, the match would soon end with McGregor stepping backwards and his foot landing in a way it shouldn’t bend.

McGregor was unable to stand up, and the doctors called an end to the fight, giving Poirier a TKO victory and a 2-1 edge in their series.

In the midst of his trash talking and bringing up his opponent’s wife again, Jolie Poirier made sure he saw her give him the middle finger.

Most recently, McGregor shared a screenshot of Jolie Poirier requesting to message him on Instagram.

McGregor then responded to the tweet with a screen recording of the Instagram DM request that Jolie Poirier sent him, thus proving it to be real.

It looks like their rivalry is far from over.