49ers’ Crazy Team Rule Regarding Locker Room Groupies Gets Exposed On Twitter (TWEET)

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Whoa! The San Francisco 49ers teams from the late 80s had rules for everything…including groupies!

Based on a recently revealed photo that’s been circulating around Twitter, the Niners used to have rules regarding the “appearance and poise” of the females that they brought into their locker room during home games.

In the photo, under the heading, “San Francisco 49ers Fine Schedule,” the subheading “Visitors in Players’ Rooms” reads as follows: “Players should avoid visitors in their rooms at Training Camp, on road trips, or in the morel during home games – this applies to the male and female guests. Fines will be levied at the discression [sic] of the Head Coach. Female visitors will be judged as to appearance, and poise on a 1-10 scale. Fines will be increased in direct proportion to a player’s lack of good taste. The Head Coach’s evaluation is final.”

Something like this would obviously never fly in today’s NFL. And the fact that it was the head coach overseeing the entire evaluation process just makes this revelation even more insane.

Twitter had varying reactions to the Niners’ rulebook. Here are a few of them: