English Fans Brutally Assault Italian Fans After Team Loses Euro 2020 Final (VIDEO)

England did not have a fairy tale ending with the Three Lions losing the Euro 2020 finals against Italy.

As soon as the team lost 3-2, violence kicked off in England as the fans pelted glass bottles after the Three Lions lost. One of the worst sce nes came with Italian fans coming under attack by English fans at what looks like an airport.

See below:

Attacking opposing fan bases wasn’t the only thing they were doing, they were also fighting with each other.

As seen in another video, there was a strong police presence around London as officers tried to keep celebrating Italian fans away from the irate and unhappy English fans. It did not work out very well.

A total of 49 people were arrested by Met Police before 2am on Monday morning, while 19 officers were injured as they worked to control violent crowds.

The Met Police tweeted: “Thank you to the tens of thousands of fans who had good spirits and behaved responsibly.

“We made 49 arrests during the day for a variety of offences.

“We will have officers on hand throughout the night.”