Von Miller Comments On Rumors Of Aaron Rodgers To The Broncos

With NFL training camps about to kick off in a few weeks’ time, the question on everyone’s mind is, “What’s going on with Aaron Rodgers?”

Will the reigning MVP be a Packer in 2021? Will he sit out the entire year if the team doesn’t move him? Or could number 12 find himself donning another jersey next season? If we’re to believe the latter is possible, the Denver Broncos seem like the perfect destination for Rodgers — given their plethora of young talent coupled with their need for a quarterback.

So what does Von Miller think of the possibility of Rogers wearing the navy blue and orange in 2021? Well, it seems like the former Super Bowl MVP is comfortable (and actually quite impressed) with the duo of Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock…BUT…he also wouldn’t mind having A-Rod around if he’s available.

When asked by 9NEWS for his thoughts on the Aaron Rodgers rumors ahead of a celebrity softball game on Sunday, Miller had the following to say:

“First and foremost, I’m comfortable with Drew, I’m comfortable with Teddy. G.P. (George Paton) and John Elway, if A-Rod is out there for us to get him, those are the two guys to have on the job.

“John Elway, he’s done a great job of working the big-time guys before — Peyton and DeMarcus and Aqib — all these other guys. So if there’s a guy to be had, G.P. and John Elway are the two to put on it, if it can be done. If it can’t, I’m comfortable with Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater. They’ve impressed the hell out of me, and impressed the hell out of everybody during OTAs.

“So I’m super excited for those guys. Another year for Drew Lock, I think this will be the time for him to turn it on. So either way we go, it’s looking bright for us.”

Sounds like Miller took the diplomatic approach here.

Drew Lock is still young and it’s not hard to see him breaking out in year three with the talented group of skill-position players he has around him…

But let’s face it. If Rodgers if out there for the taking, you’re taking him over Lock and Bridgewater every day of the week.